Learning at your best with Myers Briggs

Are you entangled in exams? Or struggling to study?

Revving up for revision? Or loathe to learn?

Understanding your Myers Briggs type can be a powerful way to support your best learning and it can support you to take control of your learning.

Finding out about your Myers Briggs profile with a particular focus on learning can:

• shed light on how you learn when you learn at your best;
• help you make practical decisions about when, where and how much to study;
• explain why some of the advice you’ve been given simply doesn’t work for you;
• support you to adapt to learning situations that are not ideal for you but where you have no choice;
• be the basis for designing your own individual programme of learning and study.

Contact me to talk about what you need. In as little as two hours, your learning could become more effective and more enjoyable!



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