About the Coaching I Offer

”We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather about us that they may see… their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even with a fiercer life because of our quiet.” W.B. Yeats

Welcome to Michèle Taylor Coaching!

My coaching practice creates the conditions in which you can generate your own answers and embrace the changes you want.

As your coach, I will respect your own resources and knowledge and I will offer honesty, confidentiality and space as well as flexibility and creativity.

I will not clutter your thinking with my own views or advice and, whilst I will not withhold information if it is relevant to your situation or issue, I will always seek permission before introducing anything of my own into the coaching space.

At a practical level: I offer 1 to 1 coaching and also work in organisations.

I’m based in Nottingham and offer individual coaching (which can be face to face, by ‘phone or by Skype) as well as team coaching and facilitation.

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