UCAS Personal Statements

Are you, or is someone you know, writing their UCAS personal statement?

Your personal statement is important and can give you the edge over another candidate. Universities will use personal statements to identify students who are committed and suitable so this is what your personal statement must demonstrate: your commitment to your studies and to the course you’re applying for, and your suitability to study it.

It can be really tricky to ‘sell yourself’ on paper, whilst remaining honest and true to yourself.

I can coach you through the process from starting to think about your personal statement to the finished version.

I will help you identify your strengths, qualities, attributes and achievements. I will help you describe them and express them in your own words so that you can be confident that, in your personal statement, you really are presenting yourself at your best.

By asking questions and giving you tools and exercises to jog your awareness and your memory, I will help you make your UCAS application the best it can be.

Packages start from as little as £25.

For £55, you will receive information sheets with helpful questions and exercises which you can do on your own to trigger your thinking; for £95, you can have the information, questions and exercises and have one 40 minute face to face coaching session; or £125 will buy all this plus an additional 40 minute face to face session.

Alternatively, I can quote you for a bespoke service if you don’t think any of these suits your needs.

In the meantime, click here to download a freebie: 20 Top Tips for a Great Personal Statement!!

Click here to contact me and find out more.



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