Creative Case for Diversity

On Monday, 12th September, Arts Council launched The Creative Case for Diversity, a new approach to diversity and high quality art for their funded organisations.

Two key documents can be downloaded from this page. Together they provide important background information and an explanation of what the Creative Case actually is.

In What is the Creative Case for Diversity?, Arts Council states that

“diversity and equality are crucial to the arts because they sustain, refresh, replenish and release the true potential of England’s artistic talent, regardless of people’s background.
We are conscious of the growing call to bring art back into the centre of the discussion and thinking on diversity. We have already acted on this impetus, so that for the first time our ambitions for diversity and equality are knitted into those of excellence, reach, engagement and innovation.”

They state, too, that

“The Creative Case is based upon the simple observation that diversity, in the widest sense, is an integral part of the artistic process. It is an important element in the dynamic that drives art forward, that innovates it and brings it closer to a profound dialogue with contemporary society.”

Arts Council is rejecting a deficit, ‘problematising’ approach to diversity in favour of one that recognises that diversity is vital if we are to achieve quality in our arts practice.

And in The Role of Diversity in Building Adaptive Resilience, the idea of the link between diversity, quality and organisational thriving is gone into in even greater detail. For the first time, we have a mandate to think intelligently about diversity as an inherent organisational with a real contribution to make to the health of arts organisations.

As a diversity trainer of longstanding (and a member of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners) and an accredited coach and qualified psychotherapist with experience in working within organisations, is uniquely placed to support you as you maximise the impact of this new approach.

I am designing training and support packages which will explore your best response to the Creative Case and help you determine what Arts Council’s three interlocking progressions – Equality, Recognition and A New Vision – might mean for your organisation. Of course, a one-size fits all approach is inappropriate, but my training is always highly responsive and sensitive to your specific situation. If, however, you require something bespoke, I can provide that, too.

Details of the modules will soon be available. In the meantime, if you want to discuss your specific needs, contact me by clicking here and we can discuss a programme of work.



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