Training Packages

Here are just some of the training packages I have ready to deliver. Please remember, though, that you will not be getting an off-the-shelf product as I will work with you to adjust the training (or start from scratch) in order to ensure that it achieves what you need.

Also, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss a training need that is not represented here. If I am not the best person to deliver it, I will tell you and I may even be able to recommend someone.

• Disability Equality
This can be delivered in the context of specific agendas such as: customer care, marketing, employment; or it can be delivered to mixed groups. You will receive information as well as practical solutions which will have wider benefits across your organisation.

• Disability and Diversity
A broader look at disability within a wider diversity and equality agenda. You will come away with an understanding of equality legislation as it relates to your work, as well as concrete ideas for applying your knowledge at work.

• Training the Trainer
With budgets squeezed and resources scarce, more and more organisations are seeking to deliver their own training in-house; I can support your staff to deliver training to colleagues.

• Emotional Intelligence
Many professionals need to deal in an emotionally intelligent way with colleagues, clients and others; this training will explore emotional intelligence and its implications for the work you do and the people you work with. You will learn about managing your feelings as well as clear communication skills.

• Inhabiting Leadership
This training explores participants’ leadership roles, whether or not they are traditionally defined as such, and will give them strategies which will enable them to fulfill that role more effectively and confidently.

• TA Tools for the Workplace
Transactional Analysis has many powerful tools for understanding relationships and communication which can be used very effectively in the workplace. This training provides some background on the theory of TA and introduces you to some extremely practical tools which can help increase your collective effectiveness.



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